I’ll be honest. I am aching to see my family. The first week went fairly quickly, but this one is crawling. I almost had myself convinced that it’s actually Wednesday today, rather than Tuesday, but alas….

Treatment is going really well. Like I’ve said before, I really look forward to hanging out with the people at the clinic. It will be sad to leave, but I am so giddy about going. We will be on the Sodium Bicarbonate until this Saturday. Since I fly home Saturday morning, I will take the last treatment from this bag home (There are 4 treatments to a bag), and then finish that Saturday night in the comfort of my own home. Woohoo! Sunday begins DMSO, once again. All of Marvin’s family will be up for Anna’s graduation party on Sunday, so my graduation gift to her will be waiting until after her party to take my DMSO treatment.

We met with the doctor today that is supervising all of our treatments. They combined mine and my dad’s appointments together, even though I’m sure we’ll both be billed separately. We get the same reaction everywhere we go. “Wow, I’ve never had a father-daughter team before”. I just keep telling them that it’s my dad’s sad attempt to try and spend more time with me. Now that is love, eh? Anyways, he was a tad reassuring to me, in that he told me that if he were in my position, he would be doing the same thing. This is coming from a doctor that has his own separate private practice and is supportive of this because he’s seen it work, but is still very cautious about what he says because of the AMA and his medical license. So that was good to hear. At this point, I will be doing another full round of 20 treatments at home, which means I will be doing these treatments until July 20th. I scheduled my next PET scan for July 25th.
My parents will be staying for another week because my dad is getting internal treatments, as well as treatments through his PICC line. Through the internal method, the treatment is then able to hit his cancer directly. I asked if they could please just stick a tube in my right ear so they can administer it directly that way, hitting my brain. For some reason they always just give me a little courtesy laugh and walk away. Weird.