We finished our first set of treatments yesterday and started our second round this morning.  We are now on Sodium Bicarbonate, much to my mom’s relief.  Along with the change in treatment will come a change in our aroma.  Everything is going really well, other than my PICC line refusing to stop bleeding.  I actually look forward to our daily clinic visits.  You become sort of like a family with the people you are getting treated with, because you’re spending a couple of hours in fairly close quarters with them everyday.  The fact that we’re all going through this cancer journey together creates a small bond between us, as well.  It’s actually rather sad when people finish their treatment and leave.  This guy who’s been getting treated for 40 days had his last treatment this morning.  He was fun, and such a source of entertainment, so it was a little sad to see him go.  As quickly as he left, though, another person was there to fill his chair.  I’m tellin ya…this place is hoppin!

We received the results of our PET scans yesterday.  My dad had excellent news, in that even though his PSA is extremely high, his cancer appears to be rather low grade and is confined in the prostate.  We were a little concerned about the possibilty that it had metastasized, but that’s not the case.  My scan showed just a small lesion in the area that we knew it was.  It’s hard to compare an MRI with a PET scan, so we’re not 100% sure that it hasn’t grown since April, but it is still very small, so we take some confidence in that.

Other than getting treated everyday, we’ve just been hanging out.  We’ve done some shopping, of course, and I’m getting some good training in the software that I’m supposed to be testing.  It’s kind of cool because I can shop for a couple of hours, but then go back to the hotel and work, making up the money I just spent.  I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a pretty sweet system.  I’m guessing my husband does, too. 

My boys are being very well taken care of.  Anna, I hear, is doing an amazing job watching Tyler and Trent all day, as well as making dinner for Marvin and the boys.  What a blessing that whole situation is!!  Have I mentioned that before?  I can’t believe we’re already getting into the second week of treatment.  It’s been really good to be here with my parents and to spend time with all of these great people at the clinic, but as you can imagine, I miss my family!