Seriously.  Are there any clever play on words that have yet to be thought of surrounding all of the hoopla of the swine flu virus?  I’m so tired of it headlining everything I watch and read.  You?  But even though I’m becoming immune to caring about anything that has to deal with the subject, I still think it is certainly something that we should be aware of.  And I’m not referring to being aware of the danger of actually acquiring the virus.  I think that topic has been mentioned a time or two over the past year.  I’m talking about the new vaccine that is becoming the subheading of every swine flu headline.  No doubt you will be, or are facing the decision of whether you or a loved one should jump in line at your local pharmacy, waiting with bated breath for the first shipment of vaccines to arrive.  I think that the bigger danger right now for all of us is acquiring the media induced flu virus.  It cannot be emphasized enough the importance of being an informed consumer when it comes to allowing a live virus to be  injected into your body with something that could cause you more harm than good.

I really, really, really encourage you to take a couple of minutes to check out this podcast.  It will provide you with great research based information that will help you make an informed decision.  Not only does it discuss the issue of swine flu, but it goes much deeper than that, giving you palpable tips on what you can do on your own to boost your immunity.  This information isn’t only swine flu specific, but has great implications for your overall health.  So if you’re interested in getting healthy, avoiding the flu, as well as numerous other ailments, then take a few minutes and check it out.