The following was an interview by Charysee & Marvin Hesse in April 2014 by their pastor, Tim Crump at Salem First Church of the Nazarene. 

Charysse: I am a living testimony and I am a very blessed woman. And I can give God all the glory and I do give God all the glory. And it’s been an amazing journey. I’m not going to say it’s an easy journey but I wouldn’t trade it. It’s giving me so much joy.

Marvin: Once you accept the fact that God is using you as His tool – you’re okay with a lot more stuff in life.

Charysse: When you start affecting people and you’re helping them with their issues and in turn you are becoming joyful because you’re able to help them with the things that they’re going through. And they’re getting joyful because they’re getting help and you’re helping them.

All this joy…  melts away, all the sorrow and all the hurt and all the anger and whatever you’re helping them with. There’s so much joy that comes from all that and I think that’s the way it should be.

That’s my biggest thing that I’ve been able to do is just to share with others and that immediately takes a focus off of myself.

Because I’m not here on this planet for me.

God didn’t bring me into this life for me.

I’m here on this planet for Him. To be used for His tool and that’s been the biggest key for me…to be able to deal with this cancer for this long.

Why hasn’t he taken it? Because he’s not done with me yet. Otherwise, I’d be up there.