I got an email from my doctor at UCLA today…..finally, and they think that the tumor is stable from the MRI in April. Yippee!!! They didn’t say that the tumor had grown at all, so we couldn’t be happier with that news. Dr. Liau told me that the board recommends continuing on the chemotherapy regimen that I’m on (I didn’t tell her what kind of chemo I’m doing), and to get a follow up scan in 3 months. If you’re wondering what treatment I’m doing right now, here is the schedule:

6 days of Sodium Bi-Carbonate, then alternating DMSO/Garlic and DMSO/High dose Vitamin C the next 6 days. I will be doing 4 total cycles of this treatment schedule, so 48 total days of treatment. This puts me out until mid October, so my naturopath will order a PET scan at that time to see what kind of progress we have made. I’m so much more hopeful with this round of treatment that we can get rid of this thing, then I was about the last round. The garlic throws a whole new dimension (and smell) in my treatment, because of the research that came out last year from NIH showing that garlic kills brain cancer cells instantly upon contact. I am also doing Rife and Acupuncture treatment with him once/week.

Have I told you how blessed we are? Your prayers and our prayers are being answered right before our eyes. God has blessed us with confirmation that this is the path on which we should be heading. All my doctors wanted me to do radiation back in May ASAP. Treatment that they told me would make me unable to do math any longer, because of the damage that it would do to my brain. I am so humbled by God’s grace and healing. And so humbled by all of you that lift us up in your prayers. Thank you so much!

Our second bit of good news is that we have football tickets in hand, and we get to watch the Beavers hopefully beat USC in only 2 weeks, 6 days. That would probably take an insane amount of prayer, though….although they pulled off the upset in 2006. Ahhh…..football.