OK. So I emailed her back to ask her about starting chemo, rather than radiation. Here is what she said: This is a very good question. Our neuro-oncologists recommended starting with radiation, but I know some neuro-oncologists at other centers would advocate starting with Temodar first. There’s no clear “right” or “wrong” answer, in terms of which you should do first. I think it would be a good idea for you to get a consultation from your local oncologists at OHSU and see what they would recommend. Because your tumor was really a borderline grade II/III, I don’t think you necessarily need to start treatment immediately. Go ahead and enjoy your trip to Maui, get a follow-up MRI scan in May, then we can decide on your treatment plan after that.
So, needless to say, we are very happy about that!! That gives me a couple of months to stay on my diet, and hopefully shrink the remaining tumor down to nothing. Go immune system!!  Things are going very well here. Marvin is back to work, which is so great for him to be back in a routine. I’ve been able to get back to work, almost as many hours as I was doing before surgery, so that is soooo wonderful. We got our papers to sign Tyler up for Kindergarten next fall, and Trent is into everything. Life is good.

So, that should be it on the health updates for now. I’m going to make an appointment with a neuro-oncologist at OHSU in the next couple of weeks, so hopefully he will concur with Dr. Liau in the being able to wait until after Maui to start any form of treatment. Please pray that this tumor remains stable, or better yet, SHRINKS!! I love you all. Thank you so much for your continued love and prayers….