Check this out:

Researchers at Johns Hopkins have discovered that the same ingredient used in dandruff shampoos to fight the burning, itching and flaking on your head also can calm overexcited nerve cells inside your head, making it a potential treatment for seizures. Results of the study can be found online in Nature Chemical Biology.

That ingredient they are talking about is called Zinc Pyrithione, which is an anti-fungal.  Wikipedia defines dandruff as this:  Common older literature cites the fungus Malassezia furfur (previously known as Pityrosporum ovale) as the cause of dandruff. While this fungus is found naturally on the skin surface of both healthy people and those with dandruff, it was discovered that a scalp specific fungus, Malassezia globosa, is the responsible agent.

So could fungus be one of the causes of epilepsy?  My epilepsy is obviously caused by my brain tumor, but how exciting is this for somebody that has epilepsy, but no structural cause can be determined?  If Johns Hopkins says that an anti-fungal shampoo can help with my seizures, not only am I going to start using dandruff shampoo, but I’m going on an anti-fungal diet, as well, to see if that will help control my seizures.  Why wouldn’t I??  As many of you know, seizures have plagued me throughout the past several years.  We are hoping that this surgery will take care of those, but it’s very possible that it won’t, so I’m going to do what I can to prevent them. 

More on the cancer and fungus link to come….