I made an appointment for Trent today, to get his 12 month vaccinations that we are a little tardy in getting. I guess it hasn’t been a huge priority for me the past few months, with everything going on. The bigger part of it, though, is that I just hate doing them. I hate sitting there with my smiling child staring up at me, wondering why I’m holding him on some cold, crinkly paper on a table.Sooo trusting, and then poke (insert BIG scream and crocodile tears). I hate it!! The other thing that is troublesome is the controversy we always hear about, surrounding vaccines. I’m supportive of vaccinations, but I hate that they put things like mercury in them. You always see stories on the news about vaccinations linked to autism, etc…because of the mercury. I found this excerpt today:By age two, American children have received 237 micrograms of mercury through vaccines alone, which far exceeds current EPA “safe” levels of .1mcg/kg. per day. That’s one-tenth of a microgram, not one microgram.Why would I subject my child to that danger? Do the benefits outweigh the risks? I would have to say….yes. BUT, this is what I’m going to offset the potential risks that come with the mercury exposure. Since these vaccinations are high in mercury and a young, growing brain absorbs that mercury more than any other part of their body, I’m going to load my child’ssippy cup up with vitamins, juice and some powdered chlorella. Check this out: Experiments conducted in numerous countries have shown that the indigestible cellulose of chlorella’s cell wall attracts and binds with heavy-metal poisons such as lead, mercury and cadmium and with hydrocarbon pesticides and Insecticides such as DDT. PCB’S andkepone , carrying them out of the body. These environmental poisons are thought to be major contributors to free radical activity, resulting in cancer, brain damage, liver and kidney failure and many other serious, life-threatening conditions. Chlorella’s ability to rid the body of these Increasingly common toxic pollutants is one more feature that sets it apart from other ‘green’ supplements.
Chlorella is a powder that you can get at your local health food store or online. It has a very mild taste. My kids have never noticed it in their juice, before. So there you go. Problem solved!

Anti-biotics is always another hot issue. If you ever have to go on anti-biotics, please chase it with a pro-biotic! Do you ever hear about how common it is for people who are on anti-biotics to develop things like yeast infection, thrush, etc…? These are all yeast/fungal overgrowths. The anti-biotics job is to strip your body of bacteria. It doesn’t know how to distinguish between good and bad bacteria, so it takes it all, in an effort to fight off the infection that exists in your body. But our bodies naturally are lined with good bacteria, so when it’s taken out, it needs to be put back in. This good bacteria is responsible for going through your body on a daily basis, eating up any germs, fungus, bacteria, etc….to assist your immune system in fighting off disease. So that’s why patients on anti-biotics experience those yeast side-effects. Your body cannot re-create this bacteria by itself, once it has been taken away. You have to replenish it. These come in powdered forms, as well, that is in children’s strength. You can add that to thesippy cup, too. I do it everyday for my boys. Adults, check out Dr. Ohirra’s probiotics at www.iherb.com. I think probiotics are a must have addition to your daily multi-vitamin. Our diets are full of sugar and junk. These will help your body to offset the harmful effects of what we feed it.

I know this is random, but the issue of vaccinations was on my sister-in-law’s blog the other day and we’re getting ready to get them, so I thought I would share some tips on how to feel good about them. ..