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To God Be the Glory!

I will mention first, because I'm sure that is why most of you are here, that God has once again performed the miraculous!  My tumor has decreased in size and is showing signs of becoming less aggressive in a couple of locations since the last scan in December.  This is only the hand of God!  [...]

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More Fingerprints

One thing that is so nice about having cancer during this day and age is the internet.  You can find easily find information, valuable resources and network with other people that relate with what you are going through.  I love (and hate) reading people's blogs that are dealing with my same diagnosis.  It can be [...]

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So much to talk about!

I've learned about myself over these past few years that when the going gets tough, I tend to internalize.  I could have written about 10 blog entries over the past two months with all of the latest drama that I have mustered up, but I guess I haven't really been to the point where I [...]

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You might be a redneck if….you build your pool out of hay bales and tarps

Wow.  Summer is halfway over.  The weather has been amazing and so we're trying to soak up as much Vitamin D, as we all know the rain is just around the corner.  The only good thing about that will be that I will actually sit down and write some more because I won't feel guilty [...]

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Scan Results

The local radiology report says that the tumor has mild growth. It's still presenting as a low grade tumor (yay!), but it still appears to be on the move. Bummer. We're doing really well. After a bit of processing, we're back in the frame of mind where it is what it is, and we're on [...]

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