Health updates

For those of you who are on this site to monitor what kind of treatment that I am doing that may be helpful in deciding your treatment plan, I am now adding which treatments that I've been doing in between scans on the 'Health updates' page.  You will be able to see the effects of [...]

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You might be a redneck if….you build your pool out of hay bales and tarps

Wow.  Summer is halfway over.  The weather has been amazing and so we're trying to soak up as much Vitamin D, as we all know the rain is just around the corner.  The only good thing about that will be that I will actually sit down and write some more because I won't feel guilty [...]

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Here’s the plan

After consulting with my plethora of doctors, here is the plan we came up with.  Dr. Liau is concerned that the chemo may not be working for my tumor, as it's grown slightly since I started chemo in February, albeit slight.  She first recommended that I proceed with radiation, but after a phone conference with [...]

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Quick Update

I received an email from Dr. Liau at UCLA and she has recommended that I proceed with radiation at this point.  The tumor has grown only slightly since February, but since the chemotherapy hasn't controlled the growth, she's concerned about more growth.  This news is a little devastating.  It's not a card that we wanted [...]

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