Alone in my house, here I sit with my thoughts

It’s hard not to ponder the what if’s and what not’s

I struggle not to journey down the path of my fears

My thoughts on this path are usually trailed by tears

Will my kids have a mother, will my husband have a wife?

How long will God bless me on this earth with my life?


I know that I serve a great God that can heal

But is my faith really that big?  Will it someday be real?

I hope that my words aren’t too dark and depressing

Just keep reading on to see what I’m really addressing


When I lay down these burdens that I tend to convoy

It’s amazing how quickly my sorrow turns to joy

It’s only by God’s grace and his mercy I’m here

He wants me on my knees, he wants me to draw near

He’s working in my life in ways that I can’t imagine,

It’s all a grander scheme that  none  of us can fathom


So when life has you in a place where all you feel is despair

Please know that there is a God who is bigger out there

He is bigger than your burden, your hurts and your trial

He knows everything about you, even before you could smile

He wants to be with you, to hold your hand down this road

He wants to help you, lift the burdens you load

He’ll be your comfort, your joy and your peace

When you let him, it’s amazing, that sense of release


I don’t know what I’d do without God in my life

He has been my stronghold in the midst of this strife

But my faith is being tested, and will it stand firm

I truly hope so, but that is something I’ll learn


So whatever journey you find yourself on

I hope this can help you, the words in my song

Please remember that God wants to walk by your side

Cast your burdens on him, it can be quite a ride