Construction began about a year ago on a new milking parlor which allows us to expand since we’re busting out of our seams.  Today, this project that the guys have been eating, sleeping and breathing has come to fruition.  You can see some pictures of it here(view it as slideshow).

It was quite a crazy day!  It took a lot of convincing for the cows to cooperate and go into the stalls, with the encouragement of about 15 guys.  Because there were some delays with the electricians in getting it all running this morning, they are now trying to cycle through milking 800 cows that are overdue on getting milked.  It’s quite loud over there right now with all of the bawling from the ladies.  ‘Milk me’!

I can’t believe how hard the guys have worked on this project.  It is absolutely beautiful!  I’m not sure Mike and Marvin are going to know what to do with all of their free time now.  Maybe just do their normal job and get home before 8 every night?  That would be lovely.  But more likely, they’ll start another project.  And we’re just now getting into the busy summer season.  Oh the life of farming…LOVE IT!