We finally got in to see Charysse in the “BCU” around 8:30PM.  I’m never sure what we expect her to look like, but she always surprises us at how good she does look.  She was alert and looking around, as though waiting for us.  We answered her bzillion questions and then she was ready to go back to sleep.  She never really gets much relief from any pain meds they offer her, so she is in pain.  But, once they get on top of it, it at least becomes tolerable for her.

She’ll be in the “BCU” until they find a room for her on the neurology floor.  Could be tonight or not until tomorrow.  Last time she was moved around to 3 different rooms in her short stay.  Sounds like we can expect a similar experience again.  The “BCU” is an overflow “ICU” in the basement.  But it was full of probably 20 or more patients.  I’d say that is a significant overflow.

Her left peripheral vision was not affected any more. She was thrilled about that.

I expect her to pop back on line to blog as soon as tomorrow afternoon or so.  Please feel free to flood her with your continued encouraging words.  It’s great medicine!

We’ll all sleep better tonight having seen her and spoken with her.  It’s been a long, long day.  Thank you all so much for helping us hang in there. Your words, thoughts and prayers have seen us through surgery #3.