We finally got to go into the ICU to see Charysse.

It didn’t take long for her snarky side to come out. About a minute after we got there, someone said something and she corrected their grammar. Attagirl.

She’s in a lot of pain—who wouldn’t be after getting a craniotomy—but they are working to get ahead of it.

I didn’t get to stay long as they only allow two visitors in the room with her at a time: Marvin and mom deserve that privilege.

Tonight, we will rest and return to be with our girl tomorrow. We are so proud of who she is, her will to fight, to beat this thing, and for her brave spirit to undergo a FOURTH craniotomy. I know you all are proud too.

We can’t say thank you enough. Please don’t let the repetition weaken the sincerity.

Goodnight from UCLA.

—Kyle (& mom, dad and Marvin)

PS. One of Charysse’s greatest sources of encouragement are your comments. She reads every single one of them. I invite you to be generous with them. They mean a lot to her and us.