I love to write, but I don’t love to write everyday on a blog about random thoughts, daily happenings, etc.  So this site seems to be severely neglected, but my research about these tumors and ways to treat them is quite the contrary.  I am often looking for new news and information that I can arm myself with to fight this tumor.

Yesterday a news article came out about how brain tumor patients can starve their tumor.  I love these news stories.  Knowledge like this is power for any cancer patient.  It’s empowering emotionally, physically and psychologically to know that there is more a cancer patient can do to fight their cancer than just what the oncologist puts out on the table.  If you read the article, you will see that caloric restriction has been shown to be effective in inducing apoptosis in brain cancer cells.  Previous articles have been released about how the ketogenic diet is effective in killing brain tumors, as well, because it elevates ketones in the body.  Caloric restriction kills brain tumor cells because it elevates ketones in the same way.

Something as simple as a lifestyle change can ultimately be the thing that helps save your life.  It’s not all about chemo and radiation.  When you have a brain tumor, the brain is just the window that displays an abnormality that has occurred because of an imbalance happening in the whole body, not just the brain.  Otherwise, the body wouldn’t have allowed the cancer to develop in the first place.  Something like a dietary change can correct the imbalance in the body and reposition the immune system to be able to fight and kill these cancer cells.  If you do chemo and radiation, which certainly can have their place in your treatment, then your immune system and body will be thrown out of balance.  If you take an article like this and apply it at the same time you are doing chemo and radiation, you are not only going to help off-set potential treatment side effects, but you will also weaken the brain cancer cells by not giving them the fuel that they need to survive.

Perfectly logical.

Enormously empowering.