My scan still continues to be stable!  After the last one in February, UCLA said that I could wait 2 months instead of 3 to get another scan.  I’ve been doing treatment only once a week, so it’s great to know I can stay stable and not have to live my life around treatment.  Dr. Nigh still has me doing DMSO and a high dose of vitamin C.  Other than that, just a few supplements and a lot of green tea!  I’ve also been doing his elimination diet, which I recommend everybody doing at least once to find out if you have any unknown food allergies.  It’s amazing the random symptoms that go away, such as sinusitis, when doing this diet and finding out which foods don’t agree with your body.  You can buy the ebook here and it explains how to do it.  Well worth the $20, especially if you’re experiencing any symptoms of any kind in your body.