We hope all they hear from her tonight is a whole lot of Zzzzzzzzzzz’s coming from her private room. She is very grateful to be there and finally able to get some much needed sleep. She ‘s complaining some of the pain, but if she can sleep, I think it will go a long ways in making that more tolerable. The turban they put on her is tight today and that is causing much of the discomfort. But it is intentionally so and something she’ll just have to get through. She’s already emailing Dr Liau for more information and instructions on when she can get the turban off. Everyone is off to bed early tonight. Tomorrow is a new day. She should have gotten good rest and we can meet up in her room and enjoy the day with her.

PS. Some of you saw a picture of Charysse that I (Kyle) posted earlier tonight. In the best interest of Charysse and Marvin’s son Tyler, I’ve opted to take down the picture in case he were to see it unexpectedly. Tomorrow I will seek permission to repost it here. For now, you can see it off-site, here.