Ohmyword!!! What sleep does for a person! We had to pay extra to get a private room, but at the point I was yesterday, I would’ve paid $1000’s to get one. They had me in ICU the night before and I got caught up on all of these doctors/nurse’s lives the entire night. I’m like….and your name is??” Not only all of the noise, but they had the lights on all night, too. Because you’re on the neuro floor, they come ask you questions every hour or so to make sure there aren’t any adverse affects to your brain, besides the obvious ones, from like swelling, strok, etc. The older guy in the bed next to me was so sure that we weren’t in a hospital. We were in a restaurant! I think they finally hauled him off to MRI after really not believing them that he wasn’t actually at a restaurant. And then the older lady next to him, when they asked her what city she was in, she replied “Lousiana!!” I could see where that was a tad confusing for her. At least Los Angeles and Lousiana have the same letters….errrr, right? Thankfully I’m batting 1000 on the neuro questions. I’m hoping to escape tomorrow. I think they would let me go home today, but I really want to wash my hair first, before I leave. I think that will be an easier task in a hospital shower, rather than the motorhome. I’m feeling pretty well. My temporalis muscle is very painful, as it was the same last time. They have to pull the muscle away from my head when they’re doing surgery, so it’s quite aggitated after being pulled on for that long of a period of time. Other than that, now that I’ve had some solid sleep, I’m ready to get on with life!!

As you’ve read, we didn’t totally get the news we were hoping for, as far as getting all the tumor out, etc, but we serve a very big God who knows that I REALLY don’t want to have brain surgery, again. I am believing that this tumor will shrink away to nothing. Between feeding my body what it needs to be fed and doing whatever treatment Dr. Liau recommends, we’re trusting this will be our last trip to LA for brain surgery!

So please keep praying for that. You guys have been amazing with all of your love, prayers and messages. Every single message means so much to me when I’m sitting here in my hospital bed. They are so encouraging, and it’s such a blessing to know that I’m drenched in continual prayer. What a comfort! Well, my eyes are rebelling against me starting at a computer screen, so I’ll get on sometime later and post some more….hopefully from the motorhome, on our way home to get our boys. I love you all!! Thanks, again!