Charysse’s mom:

There are many times a parent watches the back of their child as with each step they get further and further out of reach and out of site. I don’t care how old they get or what the circumstances, I think we always feel mixed emotions as they do. Somehow we parents learn to live with the dual conflict of being excited and uncertain at the same time. We watch eagerly at times as they march forward into the unknown challenges of life. It’s all a part of what living life is about. But, at the same time, we feel the need to protect them and be close if life dishes a blow that may bring them pain. I’ve learned all too long ago, that we can’t be there always to fix it. Knowing that however, does not diminish the desire. Watching her walk away this morning was a bit overwhelming, I must admit.

Today we pray again for our daughter, as we have every day of her life. I am reminded of the day we dedicated her back to the Lord in front our friends and family shortly after she was born. In doing so, we gave her back to the Lord acknowledging that she was a gift to us in this world, but ultimately she is God’s. She is an amazing girl, as many have witnessed and that is attributed to the God she so willingly and unreservedly serves. She, as we, today are faced with the biggest test of our faith to date. To “trust” in our God with the life and the future quality of life for this very precious woman. We thank all who are helping to share this journey with us, and for your continual prayers today.